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F Charts - free charting software with price-time trend draw and move features.

TC2000 - Real-time charting of stock & index service.  VECTOR and CYCLE TREND draw and move features for real-time ease in following VECTORS, VECTOR TREND, and CYCLE TREND FORECASTS in real time.  paid site - no affiliation. 
Free real-time streaming charts version HERE (without note/draw features.
Recommended Trade Data

All 1.793% Trades 2010-2012

Click here to download one-minute data of the S&P 500 from 1983-9/12 for back testing and confirming CYCLES.  This is already formatted for F Charts. .

PiTrading.com for long term historical one-minute data of a vast array of stocks, indexes, and other markets. (paid site - no affiliation with me.)
Google Finance & Yahoo finance end of day and intra-day historical prices.  See, HERE for intra-day data.
Recommended Reading

Dr. Jerome Baumring

Gann pHarmony: The Law of Vibration Vol. 1-9 (1986)
Constance Brown
     Mastering Elliott Wave Principle: Elementary Concepts , Wave Patterns, and Practice Excercises (2012)
     Technical Analysis For The Trading Professional.  (2011)
     Fibonacci Analysis (2008)
     All About Technical Analysis (2002)
     Aerodynamic Trading (1996)
Daniel Ferrera
     The Keys to Successful Speculation (2004)
     Wheels Within Wheels (2002)
     The Spirals of Growth & Decay (2005)

W.D. Gann (cont.)

     45 Years in Wall Street and the New Stock Trend Detector
     How to Make Profits in Commodities
     How to Make Profits Trading Puts and Calls
     New Stock Trend Detector 
     Scientific Stock Forecasting or Large Profits on Small Risks
     The Truth of the Stock Tape and the Wall Street Stock Selector
     Wall Street Stock Selector, Companion to Truth of the Stock Tape
     Commodity Course
     Stock Market Course
Julius Nirenstein
Notes  on W.D. Gann's Hidden Material, The Baumring Seminar Lecture Notes, Vol 1-9. (1986)

J.R. Stevenson

Percision Trading With Stevenson Price and Time Targets (2004)

G. Edward Griffin
The Creature From Jekyll Isand: A Second Look At The Federal Reserve.
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