TelegraphLogo I cherry-pick the absolute best Cycle Code option trade set ups as far before they occur as possible (usually 1 day advanced notice of all potential trades). And I'm singing like a bird to my Telegraph members.

Get live actionable analysis of upcoming entry and exit prices before cream of the crop trades are ever entered.  The best upcoming tradable cycles are fully analyzed on our live member-only secure online sister site. 

Averges 2-3 CYCLCE CODE trades a month.

I have to limit Telegraph Members to 99 investors.  This is the only trade service I will be providing going forward.   If the order button is live, room is available.  Otherwise, please join the waiting list.

THE CYCLE CODE | S e m i n a r   is the result of a proprietary cyclical trading algorithm developed over 15 years by option trading expert Julian Sebastian, Juris Doctorate.  This is his increscent life's work.  
The strict 99 subscirber limitation is so option markets do not get skewed with th same orders at the same time, which might temporarily drive option costs up as subscribers bid against each other at the exact same time for the exact same options.  Selecting highly liquid option markets while limiting subscribers to 99 is designed to address those concerns.

THE CYCLE CODE | Telegraph is for educational purposes only, explaining the trade analysis of what I am considering trading with THE CYCLE CODE methodology.  The Telegraph is not investment advise.  The Cycle Code, l.l.c.,, nor its principals are investment advisers and are not giving any specific investment advice.  Past performance is no guarantee of future results.  Past performance my be atypical of your results depending on your level of mastery and application of option trading proficiencies, the failure of historical cycles to repeat themselves with sufficient accuracy, and the general and substantial risk of option trading. Options are highly volatile derivatives and should be traded by sophisticated and experienced option investors only who are willing and equipped to take sole responsibility for the risk of their own trade activity.   Trade options at your own risk.  See our resources page for excellent option educational material
Non-disclosure & indemnification agreement required.

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