riple-digit (100%+) option returns may be regularly achieved within just a few trading days.

When a market’s cycle expands to substantial amplitudes these extraordinary trades become possible. 

The cycle amplitude required for these trades occur multiple times a year in every sufficiently volatile market.  Julian Sebastian, Juris Doctorate, teaches how to discover and profit wildly from the natural time-price cycles occurring in any fractal of every market. 

Using the popular SPY index as an example, Mr. Sebastian teaches how to make consistent, high probability three-figure option trade returns in just a matter of a few days - something most investors and traders believe to be impossible.

Read our introductory article on this cycle code trading here:  5 Steps to 100%+ Option Trades.

Sign up for my 3-part video course.  Learn how to identify and leverage cycles with options.  Open your mind and enrich your life with trade returns in the course of a few days that other investers are thrilled to enjoy over the course of a few years.

These trades are risky.  They should only be undertaken by experienced option traders who understand the nature of option investment risk.
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